Murmure de femme |Woman’s Whisper is an ode to Mother Earth and the feminine spirite. It explores our relationship to her as Nurturer, Guide, Provider, and the effect of our disconnection to Her.

Murmure de femme |Woman’s Whisper est une ode à la Terre Mère, sa sagesse ancestrale et la dimension féminine.

“Born to bear the weight of ceaseless adversities
I am she
Stalled in cyclic time I remain – a woman
Rest your back against mine
Learn the rhythm of my breath
Listen carefully to every pulse in my veins
Memorize the cadence of my heart In the flux of tempo and beats
rise as one soul”

– Lua Shayenne

Production of this piece was supported by the Toronto Arts Council

​”I also enjoyed Murmure de Femme, choreographed by Lua Shayenne and performed by her with Miranda Liverpool, Kassi Scott, Natasha Phanor, and Shireen Ali. The piece features Yankadi and Macru styles of dance from West Africa, the former slow and flowing, the latter more playful and upbeat. The women danced on the grass under four trees, accompanied by two live drummers. I was struck by the sense of spiritedness and presence in their performances – it was still light out, the women’s faces were bright, and the expanse of green (echoed in their dresses – this is where the tie-dye so offended my teenage neighbour) underscored a feeling of vividness and energy.”

– Martha Schabas, Globe & Mail

Lua Shayenne

Run Time
25 Minutes


  • 10-minute excerpt at Dusk Dances
  • Full piece presented by Le Centre Culturel Français de Frontenac, Kingston, ON