LUA SHAYENNE DANCE COMPANY (LSDC) showcases the diverse expressions of African dance techniques and styles, integrating storytelling, song and live music. Our contemporary creations explore current subject matters with the aim to be a source of social good and spiritual progress.

We foster the appreciation of the sophisticated artistry, intricate techniques and spiritual grounding of traditional African dance and musical forms by producing exciting showcase presentations, offering professional training intensives; and commissioning international artists.


LSDC brings the beauty of African cultural expression, its rich diversity and its vast influence, onto the world stage.


​Transform, inspire and educate present and future generations though the force of dance, rhythms and storytelling rooted in Africanist aesthetic.


CREATIVITY: Spiritual Force
Unleash the power of dance and rhythm to transform souls and society.
COMMUNITY: Consultation, Action and Reflection
LSDC engages with the various communities we serve through cross-cultural collaboration, active listening and participatory experiences. We place the utmost importance on programming content that reflects our audience’s life experiences.
INNOVATION: Grow roots
Preserve, understand and innovate within African and African Diasporic cultural art practices.
INCLUSION: Unity in Diversity
Awaken and Accelerate the importance of cultural diversity in the arts.

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