Neveen FaressNEVEEN FARESS is an experienced leader in business and organization, notably in the GTA’s real estate industry. There, she has developed a reputation for negotiation, market expertise and a deep knowledge of financial structures and tools, all oriented around the specific needs of her clients.

While living for a period in her own country of origin, Egypt, Neveen witnessed the Arab Spring and the effects of the resulting insecurity and instability, which triggered a wave of migration from the effected regions. On her return to Canada, she used her professional abilities to conceive, organize and raise funding for the Syrian Eagles, a well-known Canadian project to welcome and support teenage and young-adult refugees. The project uses soccer, a very popular sport in their home countries, to bring newcomers together, create a space for new connections, and to provide comfort and confidence during the difficult transition process. As a female community leader, Neveen has always sought to build bridges between communities and all of her commitments – whether social or professional – are closely focused on the people at their heart.

Neveen is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Social Service Worker program. As a board member with the Lua Shayenne Dance Company, she is proud to recognize the contribution of women to dance and the arts, to fully embrace diversity on the Canadian stage, to justly highlight the influence of African aesthetics on contemporary dance, and to promote inclusivity, education and innovation in the arts. Overall, through her work with LSDC, she is committed to diversity and unity as foundational values in the world of dance and culture.

In her own words: The dance world needs to be diversified. As a mother and a professional with an African background, I have always tried to build community using culture as a tool for initiating change. LSDC’s mission, vision and values have the same aim, one that is more urgent now than ever and is aligned with the positive changes I wish to see in the arts of tomorrow. Its vision and commitment are exactly what I’ve been seeking, and I embrace the chance to actively contribute to that change.”

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