JASMIN GANIE-HOBBS: Senior Development Banker Technology Industry, Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

As a Senior Banker, Board Member, and Advisor, Jasmin brings to the table both in-depth financial and consulting expertise. She is an astute financial services executive that for the past 17 years has worked extensively with many of Canada’s best and brightest companies, especially those in emerging technology, innovation, and knowledge based industries.

Jasmin understands the power of leveraging the financial community, and the technology ecosystem to drive business results. Jasmin truly understands the value of strategic partnership. By building alliances and successful relationships across the Canadian business and financial community, she has been able to drive the inception of numerous innovative financial solutions. She is well known to create competitive value, seek out and seize business opportunities, drive change, and achieve objectives. Her extensive experience has contributed to making her one of the most successful, and well known financiers in the industry.

Jasmin is also an experienced board member and advisor, and currently sits on the board of Red Dot Digital, Decidio.io, The Canada Arab Business Council, and Diversity Leaders Alliance. In addition to be being a financial services and technology ecosystem pillar, Jasmin’s role at the Business Development Bank of Canada often sees her as a frequent financial industry speaker and media commentator on the topics of finance, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, and women in business. Through her travels she has been featured on the top rated Canadian business show Dragon’s Den, providing financial commentary and analysis both on and off-air. An example can be found HERE

Off-hours Jasmin’s true personal passion lies in philanthropy, diversity, and inclusion, and giving back to the community through business mentorship and outreach, especially to those in marginalized and refugee communities.

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