Lua Shayenne Dance Company (LSDC) presents the Canadian premiere of two new works: 


JAN 25 to 27 – 8PM
Betty Oliphant Theatre


Lua Shayenne Dance Company’s (LSDC) production features two new works that draws from the artistry of the African diaspora, the research and the lived experience of choreographer Lua Shayenne, to explore themes related to human migration, identity, spirituality, and the mystical elements associated with Mami Wata in African and Afro-Caribbean traditions.

The outcome is a thought-provoking and dynamic performance that incorporates traditional West African and contemporary dance styles, live percussion, song and storytelling.

In WATER SPIRIT, LSDC invites the audience to journey to the realm of the powerful Goddess, Mami Wata (Mother Water) and to witness her influence on life and the afterlife. 

FRONTIERS | FRONTIÈRES traces the emotional impact that ever-shifting border lines have on three travelers who are on a quest to fulfill their dreams.

75 minute performance (with no intermission)

Audience Advisory: Please note, *Explicit sexual scenes in Frontier

Be sure to arrive by 7:50pm to participate in our pre-show INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE that includes a call and response between the artists and audience!

There will be an OPENING RECEPTION following the performance on Thursday, January 25th.

There will be an ARTIST TALKBACK after the performance on Friday, January 26th.

For more information please contact:

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“The show’s energy is infectious. As for that choreography, it’s riveting to watch.
Complex rhythms are attacked with nimble feet and swinging arms.”

Martha Schabas, Globe & Mail

“In the neo-traditional elements, the four dancers are in constant motion,
negotiating through hard-driving solos, duets, trios and quartets with fierce energy….
Never losing the rhythm, their bodies tell a story.”

Paula Citron, Critic 

“LUA SHAYENNE DANCE COMPANY is a small group of gifted, fearlessly energetic young dancers.”
David MacFarlane, The Toronto Star

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